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Harbortown Marina - Rates

Welcome Home to Harbortown!

Your interest in Harbortown Marina – Fort Pierce is greatly appreciated. As one of the “Top Ten” marinas in the state of Florida, we would love to have you become a member of our happy family!

We are a full service marina where Customer Service comes first. Compare our rates and you’ll find the premium services we provide are second to none when it comes to protecting your investment and maximizing your boating pleasure.

Experience the charm of Harbortown Marina – Fort Pierce today.  Please contact us to arrange your personal tour of our facilities.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Rates effective 01.01.2015


Seasonal (3-11 months) $13 per foot of vessel per month
Annual (1 year) $9 per foot of vessel per month
($5.50 for A dock north side)
Extended Stay $100 per month (living aboard)
Electric     metered

Floating dock is an additional $1.00 per foot of vessel on published rates. Harbortown Marina requires proof of Liability Insurance (amounts listed in dockage agreement) and Harbortown marina being listed as Additional Insured on Policy. Have your Insurance Agent fax information to 772-466-0962.

All our annual and commercial contracts enjoy a $0.25 per gallon discount on fuel!!!!


Nightly slip  $1.85 per foot of vessel
Nightly side tie  $2.00 per foot of vessel
Monthly slip       $14 per foot of vessel
($15 for floating dock)
Monthly side tie*  $ 17.50 per foot of vessel
Extended Stay  $ 100 per month (living aboard)

30 amp:
$7 per night per cord

50 amp:
49’and under, $10 per night per cord
50’ to 65’, $12 per night per cord
65’+, $15 per night per cord

100 amp:
1 phase $30 per night per cord
3 phase $60 per night per cord   

Boat US members receive a $0.25 per foot discount on nightly slip rates and a $0.10 per gallon discount on fuel prices.
Please contact the Dockmaster’s office with any questions concerning rates.

* Discounts on side tie available for extended stays of 3 months or more


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Jewel of the Treasure Coast

Harbortown Marina-Fort Pierce is the Treasure Coast's only marina protected by a natural mangrove island. You'll find safe harbor at Harbortown with after hour security and a wide range of comfortable amenities.

Slips now available at $9 per foot!

($5.50 per foot for A dock north side)

Harbortown is a premier destination for guests and year-round visitors alike who seek relaxation in an atmosphere of understated tropical ambiance. Whether it's dining in the casual, island-themed Harbor Cove Restaurant or sharing fishing exploits dockside, Harbortown Marina-Fort Pierce has much to offer both casual yachtsmen and world-class travelers.